Skärgårdsidyllen Kayak & Outdoor

Skärgårdsidyllen Kayak & Outdoor offers guided kayak tours all year round, on request. In addition from mid-May to end of September, they also offer kayak rental and courses.

Seal safari with Selin Charter

Enjoy a guided archipelago tour to the westernmost islands of Sweden. We travel between South and North Koster to Ursholmen, through Sweden's only marine national park, Kosterhavet. You'll experience amazing marine and bird life. Watch the curious harbour seals swimming around the boat and basking on the rocks. ...

Kust Event

Kust Event does what we love all year round. Take care of our guests with service and quality. Our archipelago tours offer intimate guiding, food and unbeatable views. From Koster you can go to Ursholmen and meet lighthouse master Axel Haglund.

Kids Summer vacation at Naturum Kosterhavet

Summer guided tours on the Koster Islands with nature guides allow you to look for animals and algae in the water nearest the beach, learn about insects and butterflies and what’s hiding under the surface!

Snorkelling in the Koster Sea

Beneath the surface of Kosterhavet National Park lies one of Sweden's most beautiful underwater landscapes. With a Cyclops you can soar over meadows of swaying seaweed, swim through forests of kelp and glide along colourful rocky cliffs. Here you can also try one of the Kosterhavet snorkelling routes, at Rörvik just north of Ekenäs on South Koster. ...