Snorkelling in the Koster Sea

Beneath the surface of Kosterhavet National Park lies one of Sweden’s most beautiful underwater landscapes. With a Cyclops you can soar over meadows of swaying seaweed, swim through forests of kelp and glide along colourful rocky cliffs. Here you can also try one of the Kosterhavet snorkelling routes, at Rörvik just north of Ekenäs on South Koster.

The shallow outer archipelago of Koster, at a depth of one to five metres, is a paradise for snorkelling with its variety and accessibility.

TIPS. Choose your location according to the wind and waves of the day, as wind and high waves stir up bottom sediment and sand, making visibility poorer.

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You will find it at Rörvik beach on South Koster.
About 10 min walk to the beach at Rörvik, from Ekenäs go past the village Solkoster and follow the wide road to the sea, child and stroller friendly snorkeling area with both sandy beach and rock pool.
A snorkel trail is an underwater nature trail and is approximately 200 metres long and located at a depth of 1-1.5 metres. A blue-coloured line at the bottom leads you around to eight information signs that tell you about the animals and plants under the surface. PLEASE NOTE! From the rocks to the right of the beach it slopes out to 10 m depth, but boats occasionally pass by there.
Remember not to snorkel alone or at least have someone on shore to keep an eye on you!

Snorkelling sites with different characteristics on the North and South Costa;

North Coast
Birds bed; Follow the sign for Björnsängen from Västra Bryggan to the sandy beach. Swim away on an exciting snorkelling expedition around the islands of the bay. Look out for sea needles and kelp traps among the algae. Large fish can hide in the bays along the cliff walls. Depth 1-3 m.

South Coast
Långevik; A stone’s throw from the church is a signposted dirt road to Långevik. Walk in from the rocks to the left of the beach. Rich underwater vegetation and look out for giant oysters, lots of crabs, flatfish and small hermit crabs. Depth 2-4 m.
Prästudden; From the bathing place “Blåsopp” walk south on the rocks to the southernmost cape of Sydkoster (about 200m and take it easy on the rocks). There is both a small sandy beach and a rock pool. The area offers great snorkelling opportunities around all bays. Life below the surface consists mainly of crabs, mussels and shells on the sandy bottom. Depth 1-3 m.

Nice trip under the surface!

TIPS. The Swedish Tourist Association’s yearbook for 2011 presents various trails in Sweden, including the snorkelling trail in Rörvik.
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Photo; Kosterhavet National Park