Not just a holiday resort

Despite its size, the Koster Islands have a fairly well-established service.
The shop on the South side is open all year round. The shop offers everything you need during your stay in the island world.
In addition to groceries, some gambling, petrol & gas, liquor store and pharmacy services are offered.
Many of the kiosks have a small selection of food and they also run cafés or street food stalls.
For vegetable lovers and those who prefer real organic produce, there is Koster Gardens, which sells vegetables and seedlings in addition to its garden restaurant.

Emergency services are available on both islands.
The emergency services are alerted via 112 and are called out in case of fire or emergency ambulance calls. The staff is trained in medical care and CPR and cooperates with the ambulance in Strömstad.

There are plenty of restaurants on Koster and they are all open during the high season.
In spring and autumn, some are open on weekends, while others are closed. See “open at Koster” for more information.
During the winter months, only Café Torget in the Ica branch of Sydkoster is open with a limited range of products.

Not all entrepreneurs are directly linked to tourism but, for example, property owners include construction companies, carpenters and painters.