Upcoming events on the Koster Islands

  • 21-23 April – Knitting weekend Pensionat Ekenäs At the end of April and just in time for spring to come to life, we invite you to a cosy knitting weekend at Koster.
    We combine experiences in the stunning Kosterhavet National Park with oceans of lovely knitting time and workshops in Knit and Purl with Lotta Blom, also known as Auntie Kofta. More info https://pekoster.com/sv/utfarder
  • 6 May – Koster Trail – The Koster Trail is a challenging off-road race in the Kosterhavet National Park. The race goes over the cliffs of Bohuslän, on the sandy beaches of Nordkoster, trails and up to the magical viewpoints of the island. More info http://kostertrail.se/
  • 23 September – Koster Swim Run – Koster Swimrun is a unique race in a unique place. The Koster archipelago is one of Sweden’s only marine national parks and few have the opportunity to move as freely in this environment as we will have. We combine an awesome swim run experience with an awesome party, sport with artistry! More info www.kosterswimrun.se

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What’s happening at Koster