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With a professional guide you will experience the Koster Sea safely and knowledgeably.
Gliding along right at the height of the waves is really something special! Seabirds are almost always seen, seals sometimes. The light, the sound, the fresh seaweed swaying around the islands. You get the feeling that you have actually experienced the Kosterhavet! It’s 100% eco-thinking. From what we do to what we eat. “Take only photographs – leave only footprints”.

I am a biologist by training and have worked in outdoor education. I am a certified guide and have my kayak training in BCU, coach and leader. I have been living on Koster for a long time and find my way among the islets and islets. I’ll take you to my gems. You will have a rich experience both knowledge-wise and emotionally! We are in Sweden’s only marine national park. Welcome!

Welcome to the ultimate nature experience!
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Stefan von Bothmer
070 600 13 13