Sweden’s westernmost inhabited islands

Outside Strömstad to the west are the scenic Koster Islands. It is Sweden’s most westerly island with a resident population of about 300 people. Proximity to the sea characterises the community.

The islands consist of North and South Koster. Surrounding it is the Koster archipelago with a number of islets and islets. Most of the islands are nature reserves.

Northkoster is only about 4 km2 . On foot is the best way to get around here. The road network consists largely of paths. The island possesses a beautiful and dramatic nature with many different shifts within a small area. There are lovely beaches, heaths and small forests. Out on the west side, there are different types of rock showing a rare diversity and large clapperstone fields with clear traces of the Ice Age. On North Koster, Koster’s lighthouses rise on the Heights. They are back in use after being extinguished for 110 years. The view from here is breathtakingly beautiful and well worth a visit. The ruins below are the former homes of lighthouse keepers.

South Koster is the larger of the islands, about 8 km2. Here too, the distances are no longer than walking distance. A network of paths is marked in different colours and stretches between the jetties.
If you want to cycle, there are bike rentals at Långagärde and Ekenäs. Don’t forget the traffic rules, it’s right-hand traffic in Sweden, even if you’re on a bike ride in South Crete. The islands are not car-free as is sometimes claimed.
South Koster has great beaches such as Rörvik in Ekenäs and the kilometre-long sandy beach at Kilesand. The forests are a bit bigger and the paths and roads more numerous.
Valfjäll opposite the small wooden church is a beautiful and peaceful vantage point. The stairs are helpful on the way up and down. Here you can sit and enjoy the view of the Koster archipelago and Ursholmen.
A nice little museum is located at Långagärde.
The rare bohuslinden grows at Ekenäs and there are also a variety of orchids to see for the botanically interested.