Fishing ports with guest docks

New for 2022 is that it is possible to book a place and pay harbour dues for most of Koster’s guest harbours

North Coast

Bopallen & Vettnet

Chart: 935 W Location: 5854 N 1101 E
Bopallen (West jetty): harbour depth: 1-7 m. 120 guest places. longside/anchor
Vettnet: Port depth: 1,5 m. 50 guest berths anchor
Price for larger boats contact the harbour master
Landlord: tel. 0731 525939

South Coast

Korshamn – Ekenäs

Chart: 935 W Location: 5854 N 1103 E
Port depth: 1,5-4 m.
70-80 guest places
Mooring; in buoys/alongside the quay/up against the pier
Port host: Sandra Lek 0706 281 722


Chart: 935 W Location: 5852 N 1102 E
Port depth: 4 m. 25 guest berths longside/anchor


Chart: 935 W Location: 5853 N 1100 E
Only a few guest places
Port host: Ulf Fredelious 070-9708786


Chart: 935 W Location: 5852 N 1104 E
Port depth: 2 m. 30-40 guest places at Brygga

Boating in the Kosterhavet National Park – download Boating Nature Guide with map

Most of the Koster Islands are a nature reserve and the archipelago around the islands is a Natura 2000 area and a national park area. Anchoring is prohibited in some places on the islands, including. at Norrvikarna and Kilesand. Nature is particularly sensitive there and this must be respected. Remember that many islets and islets are seal and bird sanctuaries.