The community of Koster

Koster is a small community on two islands. The resident population is about 320 people, about 100 on North Koster and 200 on South Koster, not only a tourist resort but also a community with school, kindergarten, shop and nowadays better possibilities for the elderly to stay. Thanks to tourism, connections with the mainland are very good. It is possible to commute to work on the mainland – Strömstad.

Business is strong and around 60 companies are established on the islands.

Community associations, local history associations, road associations, port associations, businessmen’s associations, farmers’ associations and broadband associations are examples of some that are actively working in different areas.

When associations need additional help, e.g. to pursue an issue in the municipality, the Costs Committee is used. These are non-politically elected members of a board and act as an umbrella for the associations, bringing them together for a better relationship with the municipality. The shuttle is an example of work that has paid off.


Koster School is located in South Koster. In the same building there is a kindergarten and recreation centre. Children attend school from first to third grade. After that it will be Strömstad where there is a secondary school.

Rental apartments are available and are well planned, nicely built and blend in well with the archipelago environment.

Kifab, Koster’s non-profit management company, owns the new building with 12 apartments on Nordkoster. The location is fantastic with sea views and is close to the Western Jetty, where the food boats and the liner ferry dock. The house is two floors with elevator. The apartments are all twos of varying sizes. They are located on both the first and second floors. Only registered residents of Koster may sign up as tenants and all apartments are intended for permanent residence. It is well planned, practical and adapted to the needs of the disabled, with a view to providing good accommodation for e.g. older.

The building contains common areas that are also accessible to the public. There is a large kitchen for when you want to do something more special than cooking in your own kitchen. A large cultural hall (50 m 2) is located on the second floor and on the ground floor you can cut your hair in the hairdressing salon or visit the podiatry when they visit Koster.
Kifab has for many years worked for a well thought-out accommodation for e.g. elderly or disabled people. The community association is a shareholder together with 230 others. Many volunteer hours and personal donations have made the construction possible and the move-in date is May 1, 2005.

The supermarket ICA on Sothkoster is open all year round. The crowd on a winter day is about 2-300 people. In the summer there are 4-6000. The turnover in summer creates the opportunity to run a good business in winter as well. The assortment is reminiscent of an old-fashioned country store with groceries and all sorts of other things.

The KSK-house, Koster’s sports club, owns the building at the crossroads which contains the gymnastics hall which, among other things. the school uses. The gymnasium is sometimes rented out for various events such as. yoga classes and gymnastics weeks. During the summer there is a Flea Market on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

Home care. Anyone who needs help at home will receive it from the home care workers. They are residents of Koster and employees of the municipality.

Would you consider becoming a resident of Koster?
Britt-Marie Bryngelsson +467054144405.
Bengt Rydberg +46708458210

AB Kosters Framtid was established in 2019 and is a development company that will work to preserve and develop Koster as a community.
Contact:Börje Nilsson +46706206066

Koster school & preschool

Koster School is the small school with the big possibilities. At the end of March, the Children and Education Board decided to close Koster School from autumn ’22.

The school building from 1951 is located in the middle of South Costa, and it teaches F-3. From grade 4, students take the boat and go to school in Strömstad. The school, leisure centre and preschool work closely together. Key words for the school’s activities are community, sustainability and student empowerment.

The schoolyard is well equipped and invites you to move around and play imaginary games with nature and the forest nearby. Teaching often takes place outdoors. The school cooperates with the Koster Gardens and the Kosterhavet Nature Centre. At Koster Gardens there is a school garden where students grow vegetables and flowers. Together with the educators at the Naturum, you can go on exciting excursions in the forest, on the beach and out at sea.

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