Children’s Koster

If children are allowed to choose…

The Koster Islands are a genuine archipelago island and are perfect for families with children who want to make the most of the West Coast. In addition to sunbathing and swimming, crabbing from the jetty, your own walks and cycling adventures in Koster’s unique archipelago nature, there are several exciting and cosy activities for both young and old. Try our snorkelling trail, visit the Kosterhavet nature centre with its exhibition and petting zoo, take a “top tour” of Valfjäll or try your hand at fishing and pull up some mackerel. Here are some tips on organised activities this summer and there is simply a lot to see and do if you are small & curious….

Don’t miss…

Beach guiding – learn more about life below the surface
During the summer, children can join staff from the Kosterhavet Nature Centre to look for small animals and algae along the beach. Read more here>>

Experience life below the surface. You will find a prepared snorkelling trail at the Rörvik bathing area, South Koster.
Moonlight tour and Try-Snorkelling are arranged in summer via Naturum Kosterhavet. Link to snorkel trail.

Seal watching in Kosterhavet National Park
Go out by boat in the southern archipelago of Koster with a visit to Sweden’s westernmost lighthouse Ursholmen, chances are you will see seals lying and sunbathing on the skerries. Fixed tours this summer from the jetties on the South and North coasts with Selin Charter

Adventure golf at Kostergården. A 12-hole course that is a miniature of the Koster Islands. Here you will find, among other things. Koster Church, Koster lighthouses, Naturum and shipwrecks etc. Link to adventure golf.

Naturum Kosterhavet Visitor centre for the Kosterhavet National Park at Ekenäs. Explore the interactive exhibition with films, photos and objects. And a petting zoo where you can get up close and personal with some of the animals of the Kosterhavet. Out on the jetty you can eat crabs. Bucket, angling gear and life jacket are available to borrow at the naturum. Do you want to go on your own discovery tour? Then you can borrow a discovery bag in the naturum.
Activities for all ages, both on land and at sea, see more here

Discover the Kosterhavet under the surface – filming the depths of the Kosterhavet this summer
Departure from Ekenäs jetty with the research vessel Nereus from Lovéncentret Tjärnö. We film life at 100 metres and show it live on screen on board. A guide tells us what we see. Coffee included.

Whatever your preference, the Kosterhavet offers wonderful and varied paddling waters with discoveries above and below the surface. Humpback seals like to sunbathe on the rocks and under the sea surface there are unique sea creatures that thrive among the seaweed and eel grass. You don’t need to be a kayaking expert to navigate our archipelago. Feel free to take a short trip on your own for a few hours or find a nice spot and stay all day.

Rental: It is possible to rent a kayak on your own without a guide. Koster adventure can be found on South Koster, Kilesand and then Skärgårdsidyllen has a “pickup point” at Kostercykeln at Ekenäs jetty on South Koster.

Guided kayaking experience. If you want to book a guided tour with the whole family, book through Skärgårdsidyllen, Koster adventure and Koster kayak tours

The page is being updated and tips on family activities will be added as they become available.