Bicycle trip on your own

Bicycle adventures and salty baths – welcome to discover the South Coast on two wheels!

Koster has almost everything a holidaymaker needs in terms of peace and quiet, the delights of the sea and cosy excursions.

Cycling in South Koster is a fun experience for the whole family. The island (8 km2) is virtually car-free and you’re likely to encounter only mopeds and other cyclists. For those who take the Koster ferry out for the day and don’t want to bring their own bike, bike rentals are available at the docks. Then let the tyres roll along the gravel roads and take the day as it comes. If you want to pack a lunch or buy food in the supermarket in the middle of the island, if you just want to enjoy yourself and cycle around with a light pack, there are nice restaurants along the way.


On the South Coast there is a small network of roads suitable for cycling.
Download cycling map of South Koster

There are plenty of different stops to make, see also link attractions for tips on stops.
– The view from Valfjäll, with the church right next to it.
– The small ports around the island, cafés, restaurants.
– There are plenty of beaches on South Koster,
Kosters Trädgårdar with its organic farming and farm shop. located just south of the church, Långegärde.
Naturum Kosterhavet, Ekenäs.
– Just south of Brevik you can get an idea of what Koster looked like in the old days.
– Don’t miss the snorkel trail at Rörvik! A signposted path via Solkoster leads there from Ekenäs.

Good to know! You can visit Koster throughout the year, and cycle from early spring to late autumn.
Bicycles can be rented at Ekenäs and Långegärde during the pre- and post-season. See the rental Koster cycle